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Dominoes Everywhere: TRON

Date completed: December 17, 2010

A year after my last domino video, I got some inspiration to create another one. The movie TRON: Legacy was going to be coming out, and I thought it was be awesome to try making the fallen dominoes look like the lightcycle trail from TRON. Specifically, the goal was for my video to roughly mimic the TRON: Legacy test footage that Disney created as a proof of concept.

That was harder than it sounds! It meant that the dominoes had to be painted on one side, and they could only be filmed from the front (so that the back was revealed as they fell).

After several weeks of painting and creating some stairs, I was ready to film. The dominoes were set up on a simple black curtain. I knew unlike the previous two domino videos, this one was going to require much more post-production. I wanted them to appear like they were vibrant and on a dark grid.

The video premiere on the same day that TRON: Legacy was released in theaters in the US.

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