Stylized Jared Lyon text

Dominoes Everywhere

Date completed: April 24, 2009

Some quick facts about the video 

  • 3,000 dominoes topple over (an extra 2,000 were used for stairs and flooring on carpet).
  • No part of the video is computer generated or animated. All of the shots were set up using actual dominoes and then edited for continuity.
  • The cardboard man at the beginning is Dr. Destler, the president of RIT and creator of Imagine RIT, which the video was created to promote.
  • Pre-production was done over three months.
  • Final filming took four nights (night 3, a different ending, ending up not being used).
  • Inspiration for the video came from a few different sources:
  • The copier shot was accomplished by timing the printout to occur when the dominoes hit the side of the printer.
  • One camera was used. This meant dominoes were set up multiple times throughout each shoot.
  • A week after it was upload (the day before the festival that this video promotes), the video had been viewed more than 7,000 times. At that point, it was generally only the RIT community that was viewing it, but views then started to rise very rapidly.

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