Stylized Jared Lyon text

A Twin Peaks Tribute to Don S. Davis

Date completed: August 3, 2008

A short tribute video to Don S. Davis (who passed away in June of 2008) and his work in Twin Peaks. This piece was first played publicly at the Seattle Art Museum as part of the weekend-long Twin Peaks Festival in 2008.

Don had confirmed that he would be coming to the festival, but sadly passed away a month before the fest. This video was the least we could do to honor someone who was very much part of the spirit of the festival and Twin Peaks. Amazingly it came together quite nicely in that short period of time. I remember just focusing on getting it done for the festival. It wasn't until watching the video on the big screen with over 100 other Twin Peaks fans that it really hit me. I don't think there was a dry eye in the whole theater. Charlotte Stewart (who played his wife on the show) came up to my after the movie night to thank me for the loving tribute and said she really liked it.

I always felt that the day Don passed away, a little piece of the festival spirit went with him. Someone in the Stargate SG1 fan community did a similar video, and we both seemed to be touching on the same thing: Don was a talented man with a good soul. He will always be missed.