Stylized Jared Lyon text

Twin Peaks: The Pilot Episode custom cover art

Date completed: February 2, 2002

Made to replace the erroneous (and just plain bad) Taiwan import cover, this cover is meant to look similar to the Twin Peaks Season One DVD set released by Artisan Entertainment in the US and Canada, which excluded the pilot episode. The necklace, torn prom photo, and "dead" photo underneath were added to make this cover slightly different from the boxed set, but still keep it visually similar. The back is completely different from the Season One back.

My custom cover was so popular that it even started showing up on bootleg DVDs in Los Angeles. It caused some people to erroneously think I was involved. It happened because I had the high-resolution image available on some custom DVD cover sites.

For those who don't know, when Twin Peaks was broadcast, the Pilot was shown before the first episode, but it was unfortunately not included in the first season boxed set (at least in the US) because of rights issues. Thus, there was a need for a cover that complimented the season box set. (This cover was created before a season 2 set, or the complete series set were produced.) Also interesting to note, more recent showings of the series have changed their numbering scheme so that what they call episode 1 is the pilot episode (so what was episode 1 is now listed as episode 2, etc.).

You can view the larger, flat version of this cover on its Deviantart page.