Stylized Jared Lyon text

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me custom cover art

Date completed: April 2, 2002

My main hope when I started creating this cover was to include the image of the ring. The ring plays quite a big part in the movie, but it has been absent from any cover for the movie I've ever seen. Plus, I liked how in both the pilot episode and this movie, they focus on an item of jewelry. The necklace graced the front of my pilot episode custom cover, so why not put the ring on this movie's cover? Also, just like with my pilot cover, the goal was to keep the cover art looking similar to the Twin Peaks Season One DVD set. (It would still be years before season two was released on DVD, let alone the complete series set.)

I used the image of the dead Laura to accomplish the tie in with the other covers, and here again we have the duality of Laura represented. As for other minor changes, I updated the 6 character photos on the back to better pictures and also replaced David Bowie and Harry Dean Stanton with images of Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) and David Lynch (Gordon Cole). The text description of the movie was fixed as well (the old one was actually incorrect in a few places).

You can view the larger, flat version of this cover on its Deviantart page.