Stylized Jared Lyon text

Consumption 32 photomosaic

Date completed: April 11, 2011

Jen Moon, a photographer friend of mine, spent her entire 32nd year of life photographing everything she ate and drank (a whopping 12,685 photos!). Initially, she wasn't exactly sure what the end product was going to be. One idea was to create a chart of Diet Coke consumption by month with each monthly bar graph created from that month's Diet Coke photos. Another idea was to create a self-portrait photomosaic using all her photos of the food/drink as "pixels" to create the photo of herself.

When Jen heard that I had made photomosaics before, she asked me to help. Over the course of a week, I played around with a few different settings. What size should the "pixels" be compared to the large portrait? How much can we shift the colors in the "pixels" to better suit the larger portrait? I finally came up with a good balance that we both agreed on. She liked the final product so much that she asked me to create a second photomosaic using a toddler photo of her eating a cookie and drinking soda.

Wall displaying several pieces from the exhibit, including my two photomosaics