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Summer of 2000 on the island of Oahu

Date published: August 20, 2000

What and interesting summer!

Back in May, I was approached by Jon Parise, a fellow house member, about the possibility of going with him and Joe Sunday to Hawaii to work for some guy. As the title of this post suggests, I accepted. The summer job would count as a co-op (sort of like an internship) for Jon, Joe, and I. To graduate, we all needed at least one co-op. In fact, I still needed 3 quarters worth.

The job was simple enough. We'd be living and working from the boss's house up on a mountain (actually, I think it was a crater) near Honolulu. In retrospect the summer was great. The only unfortunate things were the living and work arrangements. The boss had two kids who were a bit bratty, we basically slept in the hallway (Joe more than Jon and I), and there were like 12 other people in the house. Getting to live in Hawaii for 3 months though, that's a once in a lifetime experience, so I can't speak too negatively about the whole thing.

We basically worked for nothing except that we didn't have to pay for rent or food, and our round-trip airfare was paid too. Let me tell you, I carried that ticket on me at all times...just in case things got a bit too weird at the house. :)

As I said before, living arrangements were a bit odd. We knew going in that it would be "dorm style living" to quote the boss. You'll see what that means and more by checking out the pics from Oahu in my photo gallery. You might also want to use the map of the island below for reference.

Map of Oahu

Facts about Hawaiian Pronunciation

While in Hawaii, I picked up a handy pronunciation sheet, reproduced below.

The Hawaiian Language has only 12 letters- 5 vowels and 7 consonants. The consonants, H, K, L, M, N, P, and W, are pretty much the same as in English except that the W is sometimes pronounced as a V.

The vowels, unlike English, are always pronounced the same way (with some minor variation of stress for A and E):

Vowel Stressed Unstressed
a as in far as in above
e as in play as in bet
i as in see -
o as sole -
u as in moon -

There are no silent letters, unseperated vowels often have no break between them as dipthongs:
ai, ae, ao, au, ei, oi, ou.

Ohana             Family
Kau hale          Home
Makua             Parent
Keiki             Child
Makuahine         Mother
Kaikuaana         Brother
Kaikaina          Sister
Wahine            Woman
Kanaka            Man
Makamaka          Close Friend
Puliki            Hug
Honi              Kiss
Hale Kula         School House
Kumu              Teacher
Kumu Kula         School Teacher
Hoomalolo         Recess
Aina Awakea       Lunch
Kanake            Candy
Lua               Bathroom
Waiu              Milk
La                Sun
Malama            Moon
Hoku              Star
Anuenue           Rainbow
UA                Rain
Ilio              Dog
Popoki            Cat
Moa               Chicken
Pelehu            Turkey
Mano              Shark
Niu               Coconut
Pua               Flower
La Hanau          Birthday
Hauoli La Hanau   Happy Birthday
Kalikimaka        Christmas
Mele Kalikimaka   Merry Christmas
Kinipopo peku     Football